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Care & Maintenance

We know you want your River Range bathtub to be well taken care of. Please follow these tips on care and maintenance:

Cleaning your River Range product:

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean your River Range product. Do not use any abrasive or scouring pads as this will dull the gloss surface.
  • Use mild soap/detergent and water for cleaning.
  • Do not use any of the following:
      • abrasive cleaners
      • disinfectants
      • aerosol cleaners
      • cleaners containing bleach or ammonia

Maintaining your River Range product:

  • Your bath can be polished from time to time using a good quality automotive polish or a product such as ‘Brasso’. Remember to rinse the residue off with warm water before using the bath.

Light scratches:

    • This type of damage can usually be repaired by gently sanding the affected area with a 1200 grit waterpaper and then polishing the area with a good automotive polish or a product such as ‘Brasso’ to bring back the gloss finish.

Deep scratches, chips and deep burn marks
Please contact us for advice on deep scratches, chips or deep burn marks.

We thank you for trusting River Range for your bathing pleasure. Should you need any more information or queries kindly contact us.