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River Range Angel Set – The ultimate solution for the perfect bath and shower experience.

bath and shower

The bath and shower combo has become a popular and desirable option when it comes to the bathing experience for a home. These versatile units make the most of space constraints by offering all the benefits of both a bathtub and a shower in a compact footprint.

River Range is proud to introduce the innovative Angel bath and shower set which provides greater flexibility for you and your family and gives the most functionality in a limited bathroom space.

The River Range Angel bath and shower set has been specifically engineered to be a complete, ready-to-install bathtub and shower combo that includes:

  • Angel gloss white acrylic bathtub, at 1700 x 750 x 450mm in size and made from the best crosslinked acrylic in the market backed by a 10-year quality warranty,
  • Shower screen made from tempered glass 1400 x 800mm.
  • Chrome plated brass shower arm, rose, diverter mixer and spout.

Ergonomically perfected

The inner curves of the Angel bathtub are designed to provide an upright backrest; a functional design unique to this model. This exceptional feature allows you to comfortably stand closer to the edge of the bathtub right under the extended arm and wide shower rose, for a fully immersive shower experience. This design also increases the space inside the Angel bathtub, giving your young ones plenty of room to play and splash about at bath time with enough room to bathe 2 children at once.

Angelic hygiene

The edge of the Angel bathtub has a 15mm pooling guard, an outer rim that encourages excess water to run off the edge and into the bathtub. This hygienic characteristic prevents water from pooling in the alcove between the bathtub and the wall, thus reducing the occurrence of mildew and mould in your bathing space.

Spatial and budget flexibility

The Angel bath and shower set features a symmetrical bathtub and interchangeable shower screen. These allow you to install the set on either the left or right-hand corner of your bathroom, depending on what best suits your bathroom layout. Additionally, the Angel set is a space-saving combination unit that allows you to have both a bathtub and a shower in your bathroom without using too much of the precious real estate in a compact bathroom.

This flexible, comprehensive multi-set is also built to suit your budget, at the affordable recommended retail price of only R9 200.

This must-have set is available from your nearest DADO Africa approved sanitary ware retailer. Each of the items in the Angel bath and shower set are also available to purchase separately.

Sleek and modern design

The Angel bathtub is especially designed with sleek thin edges, giving it an exquisite contemporary look. To achieve a sleek design, the pipes connecting the shower head, bath spout and diverter mixer are concealed behind the wall; and the tempered glass shower screen is frameless for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The Angel set is the perfect modern centrepiece to bring a touch of affordable luxury to a modern family home in the city or a boutique hotel.


Visit us at the DADO Africa showrooms in Centurion or Cape Town to view the River Range Angel bathtub and shower set, you can also find us at or contact us directly on 012 803 9431 and


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