Grey-Water Tips For Responsible Bath Water Usage In South Africa

As Day Zero looms on the horizon in Cape Town, we are often reminded of our individual responsibility to cut our bathwater usage in the continuing onslaught of one of the driest seasons ever recorded in SA. In our previous article, we touched on methods for maintaining your acrylic bathtub. Within our Blog, we aim to add our voice to issues that expand beyond luxury bathtubs promoting responsible bathwater usage. At River Range, we receive a lot of feedback and tips regarding water consumption. In this article, we offer a few suggestions on how to best utilize the remaining bath water in your tub (known as grey-water) after each use. While Day Zero has gladly been pushed back to 9th July at the time of writing (Source: EWN), each one of us can play a part in ensuring that, through sensible bathwater re-usage, we may never have to face that ominous day when the taps run dry!


Reuse Grey-Water for other Household Chores

Considering what we are facing, grey-water is far too precious to just throw down the drain. From now on, consider Grey-Water as ‘water you can use twice’. With bathwater providing a proportionate amount of our daily water usage, salvage what you need and consider using it to clean your floors and windows. Other uses extend to; watering household plants and handwashing clothes. Remember to use the bathwater in hygienic ways and take necessary steps to minimize any risk of contamination.


Reuse Bathwater to keep your Garden in full Bloom.

Nothing raises the ire of suburbia more than sprinklers in full flow during an extended dry season. If you, or your Grandmother, still have an old watering can that is stowed away in the garage, fill it up with your bath’s grey-water and tend to your grass and garden plants without connecting to any water mains. Not only does it promote responsible water-recycling, it may inspire your neighbors to change their habits and avoid stepping onto that ‘naughty list’ of Cape Town’s biggest water-wasters.


Share the same Bathwater amongst Family Members.

At River Range, we have specifically designed our bathtubs to ensure high heat retention. This means, your daily bath will stay warm for longer and can be enjoyed by more than one user. While it is not an ideal prospect for everyone and may involve tough decisions on who gets the ‘first dip’, it is a fantastic initiative to reduce your daily water consumption. Furthermore, the grey-water can be recycled for the household and garden chores mentioned above.


Bathwater Reusage NoNo’s

While grey-water sourced from the bathtub is relatively clean, it can contain chemicals and bacteria which may be harmful to your children and pets. There are a number of clear instances where grey-water should not be used in the household. These include;

  • Drinking (including Pets)
  • Brushing your Teeth
  • Food preparation and Handling.

Needless to say, try and reuse your warm bathwater as soon as possible. Apart from avoiding a lurking smell, it stops bacteria from multiplying and becoming a risk to your garden and home. If you have further grey-water tips, please share them, either with the Team directly, or through our Facebook Page


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