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Freestanding Bathtubs – Form and Function in Perfect Balance

Freestanding bathtubs

‘Form follows function’ is a foundational design principle – the shape (form) should be chosen based on its intended purpose (function). From a designer’s perspective, the function refers to what the product must do to be successful. From a consumer’s perspective, the product must fulfill their specific needs and wants. This is hugely significant when considering investment pieces such as freestanding bathtubs as they cannot just be beautiful objets d’art on display. They have to be practical and useful.


In designing a modern bathroom space, we all want something that will look pretty, but functionality has to be the goal. At River Range you don’t have to choose! With our freestanding bathtubs, you can have both, in perfect balance. The Jordan freestanding bath is the perfect example.


Form – the Jordan freestanding bathtub is really pretty

Freestanding bathtubsContemporary bathroom spaces tend to compromise on square meterage. That is the nature of urban living. A compact space, however, does not mean compromised design. 

The sleek lines of the rectangular-shaped Jordan bath make it a luxurious option and statement piece. 

The high gloss finish makes it the perfect modern bath that will look newer for longer.

There is no denying that the Jordan freestanding bathtub scores high on physical appearance and visual appeal. So, form is simply sorted.

Function – the Jordan freestanding bathtub is really practical

When it comes to the functionality of the Jordan bath, where do we start?


The Jordan bath is manufactured from the best cross-linked acrylic on the market. This offers you, the consumer, a huge range of functional benefits – lighter, easier to move, scratches can be easily buffed out, excellent heat retention properties, stain-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to UV light. 

These reasons alone should convince you of the Jordan bath as a pragmatic and prudent design choice.


As mentioned above – the quality of the Jordan freestanding bathtub has been established, but that does not mean it is prohibitive when it comes to the budget. Although acrylic products do not compromise on beauty and quality, they are more affordable.


All River Range’s freestanding bathtubs come with a 10-year warranty. That reassurance is a real bonus – knowing that your Jordan bath will stay beautiful in form and efficient in function for many years. 

Our acrylic freestanding bathtubs are chemically cross-linked for enhanced toughness and the high gloss colour is UV stable, so it will not fade or discolour.


The Jordan bath offers an added internal overflow safety feature, should you leave the water running with the pop-up waste closed. (Both the pop–up waste and an extendible pipe are included with the Jordan bath). The Jordan’s compact 1500mm size means that you can afford to experience the luxury of a freestanding bathtub in your smaller bathroom space.

The Jordan freestanding bathtub offers any homeowner the perfect balance of form and function.

River Range

Named after iconic rivers of the world, River Range is a top quality acrylic bathtub brand established in South Africa in 2011. Our brand has grown into a comprehensive range of built in, corner and freestanding bathtubs as well as bath and shower sets distributed to various countries in Africa.

With ergonomically designed styles in various shapes and sizes, River Range is focused on offering the best bathing experience that truly satisfies and relaxes.

To view all our bathtubs, visit our store locator to find a retailer near you or click on our product downloads for more information.


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