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Freestanding Bathtubs – Creating your dream Acrylic Bathroom on a Budget

freestanding bathtubs

Whether you have purchased your dream home, or have set your mind to that long overdue renovation, you will have inevitably been inspired by the idea of remodelling your bathroom space with acrylic freestanding bathtubs design. The best news is; not only do acrylic bathtubs give your bathroom a beautiful and luxurious facelift, they also offer style, sophistication and functionality at an affordable price, complemented with matching taps and toilets. Put simply, one can save thousands, while acquiring a natural finish aesthetic.

Innovation in bathroom design has come a long way in recent years. Designers, architects and manufacturers understand the homeowners’ desire to escape to the tranquillity of their bathing retreat, soaking away all the stresses of the outside world. However, not many of us possess the interior budget of a five-star hotel. With the emergence of acrylic freestanding bathtubs, one can completely transform the bathroom into a functional and aesthetic space at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose an Acrylic Bath

As a budget-priced option for bathroom renovations, acrylic bathrooms offer a host of advantages. Here are our Top 3 Benefits of choosing acrylic as your freestanding bathtubs material of preference.

Minimal Stains

For everyday use, prospective buyers of bathtubs, taps and toilets will be encouraged to know that acrylic surfaces are generally stain resistant. They can easily maintain their beautiful glass-like finish over a lifespan of 30 years plus, with regular care and maintenance.  

Retains Heat

As a lightweight solution, acrylic tubs perform surprisingly well at retaining heat. Its thermal qualities allow warm water to maintain its warmth without a quick loss of heat through the acrylic and fibreglass walls and base.

Acrylic will sustain its colour through the product’s lifespan

Something you might not know about acrylic is that the colouring process takes place while the product is still in its raw mould state. With the absence of an outer coat of paint, the colour is evenly distributed, maintains its beautiful shine, and will not fade over time.

River Range

With a long history in manufacturing and an acute understanding of the market, River Range excels at offering the customer a superior quality product at competitive prices to serve the market more effectively. River Range offers a comprehensive range of high quality (10-year warranty) cross-linked acrylic bathtubs – available as Freestanding Bathtubs, Corner tubs and built-in bathtubs with shower trays. River Range strives to give the customer a full solution and to make the choice of choosing your designer bathroom as easy as possible, by recommending suitable taps and accessories to complement each bathtub. Browse through their selection of products here.


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