The Luxury of Freestanding Bathtubs at an Affordable Price

River Range Kunene Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs offer an endless range of bathing options characterized by modern luxury and innovative styles. Unique shapes and contours are often artistic statements from the bath designers, with influences drawn, not only from the classical and Victorian era of cast-iron “ball and claw” baths but also from the natural wonders of our planet. In modern freestanding bath design, the heavy materials of the early 1900’s have been replaced by acrylic, making them lightweight ensuring superior heat retention. In our previous Blog, we explored the health benefits of a freestanding bath and we saw the combination of functionality and therapy through bathing as a tantalising prospect. Acrylic baths are a lighter and much more affordable option than denser materials, which allows almost anybody to enjoy long and leisurely baths in the comfort of their own home.

Freestanding Bathtubs as Art Pieces in the Home

In the home, art would traditionally refer to paintings, sculptures and other such decorative elements. However, in recent times, artistic flair has been incorporated into everyday home items such as sanitaryware. In line with this, freestanding baths have become the focal point, as they possess the ability to add unique character to your bathroom. An acrylic bathtub in the home, as perfectly illustrated by the spacious Kunene bathtub from the River Range freestanding bath range, merges modern luxury with the perk of a tranquil bathing experience. With such an exceptional price tag, it may be the most affordable art investment you’ve made for your home!

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Affordable Luxury to Transform your Bathing Experience

There is a misconception that buying a luxurious bath is an expensive purchase. If you are restricted to a budget when finalizing the focal features of your home, an acrylic bathtub is an excellent option for creating an eye-catching design in the master bathroom at an affordable price. Quality is never compromised with the acrylic used in the manufacturing of River Range products. It is seventeen times tougher than glass while boasting excellent heat retention and chemical stability.

River Range

Combining stylish freestanding bathtubs with an affordable price tag, River Range is a top quality, acrylic bathtub brand, offering the most luxurious bathing experience in the market. River Range also offers an array of corner and built-in bathtub solutions, all backed up by a 10-Year-Warranty as a testament to their quality and durability. Download our current brochure to view our wide variety of styles and make use of our Store Locator to find a River Range distributor near you today.

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