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Freestanding Baths – Timeless Victorian Romance

Freestanding Baths

How do you design a traditional and romantic bathroom space in a modern age? The answer is simple – roll top and clawfoot freestanding baths. They are versatile statement pieces that have stood the test of time since the mid-18th century and are once again making a resurgence in bathroom design in the 21st century.

The Victorian era is renowned for being a bygone era of classic and timeless romance. The one feature that highlighted this more than any other is the visual and aesthetic statement of the roll top and slipper freestanding baths with decorative claw feet.

River Range’s collection of freestanding baths proudly boasts two roll top, clawfoot baths – the Gila and the Orange Slipper – adding beautiful luxury and graceful elegance to your bathing space. Both bathtubs can be tailored and styled to suit a traditional or contemporary bathroom.

Beautiful luxury

Freestanding BathsWho needs the dashing Mr. Darcy when you can be swept off your feet by the Gila freestanding bath with a choice of black, white or silver decorative feet? The acrylic high gloss finish and roll top edge augment the  aura of romance that is naturally invoked by such a pretty bath.  


As a the term freestanding suggests, this bath is beautifully finished on all sides, and can be shown off, in all its splendour, in any position in your bathroom space.

Named after the river which winds its way through the desert regions of Arizona and New Mexico, the Gila bathtub adds a sense of grace and poise to your bathroom. It lures you into a romantic and leisurely soak.

Graceful Elegance

Freestanding BathsFor an ultra-romantic and elegant statement, the Orange Slipper freestanding bath with claw feet beckons. It will naturally become the decorative centrepiece of any bathroom space that desires a classical serving to soften up the contemporary style.

Slipper baths are not only a popular design choice for their visual appeal, but also offer the ultimate experience in comfort and style.

The slipper bath’s timeless features beautifully complement any modern space. Perched on ornate claw feet in your choice of silver, black or white, the Orange Slipper bathtub curves up on one end like a Victorian satin slipper. Relaxation is the keyword when it comes to slipper freestanding baths, allowing you to rest your head and linger for longer. As you lie back, your mind can be transported to Downton Abbey style manor houses, complete with crackling fireplaces and ladies-in-waiting.

Named after South Africa’s longest river, the distinctive shape of the Orange Slipper freestanding bath will draw the eye and be a classic and timeless addition to your personal sanctuary.

River Range’s style and quality

Named after the iconic rivers of the world, River Range’s top-quality acrylic bathtub brand has grown into a comprehensive range of baths and distributed to various countries in Africa. Our ergonomically designed bathtubs offer intimate bathing experiences, focusing on relaxation,  comfort and affordable luxury. All of River Range’s built-in, corner and freestanding baths are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Visit us online to view all our baths that will add style to any traditional or contemporary bathroom.


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