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Freestanding Baths – The Shape of Peace and Serenity

Modern times have reshaped the bathroom into a personal sanctuary and a place of wellness – a space that is devoted to relaxation and pampering.

River Range offers this luxury with our range of freestanding baths, inspired by iconic rivers of the world. All our bathtubs prioritise spaciousness, elegance and comfort, so you can have a place to revitalise your body and mind as if you were at a river retreat.

Rivers have always symbolised life and inspired wonder. They are the point of attraction around which settlements and cultures originated, and a place to be re-energised. This has been the overarching vision behind River Range’s bath creations – with each model named after a regal river of the world. To read more about our wide range of River Range bathtubs and their inspiration, visit our blog.

Freestanding baths come in all shapes and sizes – round, oval, square and rectangle – each with its own design charm, character and functionality. Lets begin with the rectangular shaped bathtub. This is the the most traditional and common shape for bathtubs as it offers adaptability to virtually any bathroom layout with numerous installation options.


River Range’s Jordan Freestanding Bath

Modern bathtubsThe perfect lines and shape of the Jordan make it the quintessential bathtub. This is a design choice that will add simple and understated elegance to your modern bathroom space.

This beauty was named after the historically important Middle Eastern river, the Jordan, which has religious significance and has inspired spiritual and cultural hymns and songs over the years.

This winding and sacred river has garnered much affection and been revered by pilgrims across the world.  The Greeks, named it the “Aulon” and the Arabs referred to the river as “Al-Shari-ah,” which means “water place.” It has also symbolised transition, hope and promise and that is exactly the experience you can expect when you relax in the Jordan freestanding bath.


River Range’s Narmada Freestanding Bath

River Ranges Narmada Freestanding BathtubThe Narmada bathtub is a magnificent, freestanding bath with a rectangular shape that gently drifts outwards towards the top. Featuring sleek, simple lines, the Narmada will bring a striking presence into any modern bathroom.

The Narmada River – the namesake of this stunning bathtub – emerges from central India.

This river is considered to be the most sacred of all the rivers in India and holds a rich,cultural significance across the entire country. Locals have many legendary tales and ancient manuscripts signifying the importance of the Narmada river.

One particular story tells of how looking into the river, alone, can rid a person of all his bad karma. According to the locals, when the River Ganga, a trans-boundary river feels polluted, she comes in the form of a black cow to have a purifying bath in the Narmada River.

As you soak in River Range’s Narmada freestanding bath, that all-encompassing sense of purification, refreshment and serenity can be yours too.


River Range

All of River Range’s freestanding baths are manufactured  from the best cross-linked acrylic in the market, making them high-quality, chemically stable and 17 times stronger than glass. Their easy-to-clean high-gloss finish ensures that they look sparkling new for longer. Our freestanding baths, alongside our built-in and corner baths, are backed by a 10-year warranty.

To view all our River Range bathtubs, visit us online or find a store near you today.


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