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Freestanding Baths – Firm Favourites

Freestanding baths

Designers and real estate agents are all united when it comes to their enthusiasm surrounding freestanding baths. From an aesthetic perspective, professional designers love them as they enhance the design of any bathroom. From a real estate perspective, they certainly enhance the investment value of the home. Freestanding baths definitely deserve the press they are getting.

Freestanding baths have earned their credibility and on their own seem to say, ‘Look at me!’. Their appeal also lies in the different sizes and shapes and how they sit independently in a bathroom space.

In this article, we furnish you with reasons why all our freestanding tubs are firm favourites

Spoilt for choice

Freestanding baths
Rio Grande freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are the key statement pieces that stand out in any bathroom and at River Range, we offer a comprehensive collection of freestanding baths.

The River Range freestanding baths are not only strong and durable – made from the best cross-linked acrylic in the market – but speak to these style choices.

Slipper baths, with single or double raised sloping sides, are always a popular option as they allow you to recline comfortably and give extra back support. River Range’s Orange Slipper clawfoot bath has the feel of a luxurious soaking tub, allowing you to fully submerge yourself in the water.

The Rhine Slipper bathtub is River Range’s modern twist on the classic clawfoot design also allowing you to be fully submerged in the water, while the double slipper baths like the Rio Grande, have a beautiful shape with raised sides on each end, creating dual comfort in a contemporary design.

If contemporary chic is your bathroom’s design story, then the Jordan bathtub is the fitting choice. With both ends gently sloped, comfort is also maximised. As a compact bath (1500mm), the Jordan freestanding tub is suitable for smaller bathrooms and comes standard with an internal overflow, pop up waste and an extendible connector pipe. The Jordan bathtub is your affordable option for a distinctive and timeless look.

Spa-like focal points

The beauty of freestanding baths is that they can be placed anywhere and they immediately present you with an everyday spa-like experience. The simplistic straight lines of the Narmada bathtub and the dimensions of the tub allow for a deep and relaxing bathing experience. The curved shape of the Kunene bath will soften the look of a bathroom.

Freestanding baths
Kunene freestanding bath

Show off the space

Freestanding tubs give the illusion of more space as it is finished on all sides and don’t need any additional structures for installation. The openness is inviting and makes the bathroom appear bigger. River Range’s freestanding baths come in a wide range of sizes – 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm length, this allows almost any size bathroom to boast one of these pieces.

At 1800mm, the River Range Colorado bath has an incredibly capacious interior, while the rectangular 1700mm Ohio freestanding bathtub is ergonomically designed to provide a truly relaxing bath.


River Range

Inspired and named after iconic and regal rivers of the world, River Range bathtubs are spacious, elegant and comfortable. Our ergonomically designed baths are tough with a high gloss finish. All our baths come with a 10-year warranty.  

Besides our range of freestanding baths, we also offer built-in baths and corner baths.

Click here to view all our products in a store near you or visit us at the DADO Africa showroom in Centurion or Cape Town for personalised assistance in choosing the perfect bathtub for you.

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