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Built-in Baths – Ideas for your home

As summer quickly approaches, it marks the season where we build in new commitments and objectives for the year ahead.  When that attention is drawn to making our house a better home, the bathroom, often the smallest room in the house, should list high on your renovation priorities. With the latest trends in modern bathtubs bringing a heightened luxury and adding inspiration to a previously drab space, the fitting of built-in baths into your bathroom can dramatically improve home decor and aid relaxation, while never compromising on functionality.

Built-in and shaped into your environment

Contemporary built-in baths are all about adding to the natural light of the space, enriching your room with a luxurious feel, while carefully selecting the shape and positions of your bathtub and taps to give a beautiful aesthetic appeal. With acrylic materials, designers have been able to experiment with shapes to produce built-in bathtubs inspired by the wonders and customs of the world. This is particularly evident in the River Range collection of luxury centre and end drain bathtubs, aptly named after the iconic rivers of the world. Each is as individual as the geographical area they represent and are built-in with flat edges to create ample surfaces to add stylish decorating to the room. Unlike natural and stone materials, acrylic bathtubs can also be custom-made to accommodate taller and larger proportioned bodies. Nobody in the family should be left out, even those with tall genes!

Turning the Corner – and freeing up essential space

Corner’s are generally the least used space in most rooms of the house. However, when working with a small space, utilizing the corner can optimize other areas and solve many storage problems. In the same way, a built-in corner bathtub can become a fantastic option, allowing you to save space without giving up comfort. With a built-in bathroom focused on a corner bathtub, it truly allows your decorative juices to flow. More attention can be paid to stylish storage solutions. You can potentially create extra room to accommodate a shower. The possibilities are endless.

River Range – Built-in excellence

River Range bathtubs are a classic range of quality bathtubs manufactured from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market. Available as Freestanding,  Corner and built-in baths, each collection from the River Range series aims to strike a healthy balance between luxury and functionality. Durability is never compromised and backed up a 10-year warranty on all our products. Best of all, River Range is exceptionally priced to ensure any customer can realize their dream built-in baths vision, without breaking the bank. Browse our current Brochure today, to get a step ahead of those summer renovation plans!

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