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Built-in Baths – Just One Way to Create the Illusion of Space

built-in baths

Home magazines often make us dream about those large, luxurious bathrooms, which look either like a spa retreat or a hotel. The reality of limited square footage, however, should not dampen this dream of a beautiful designer bathroom. Built–in baths and shower combinations are certainly one way of saving space in a compact bathroom. But there are many other simple décor tricks and design principles that will give the illusion of space.

6 Techniques for creating an expansive feel in a compact bathroom:

#1 Paint in pastels

When it comes to the illusion of a bigger space – paint is your best friend. In addition to built-in baths, this design principle is tried and tested – light colours reflect light, magically creating more space. You are not limited in choice, as there are a myriad of trending and timeless softer hues that will radically transform a smaller bathroom.

Powder blue and grey will transport you to a French chateau, mint green will evoke natural atmospheres and cheerful yellow is playful, in both modern and traditional space.

built-in baths

Of course, classic white, with its crisp and clean aesthetic, will also ‘enlarge’ a space. White investment pieces, such as basins and built-in baths, will continue the bright airiness of light wall colours.

#2 Tread lightly

When it comes to floors – the principle of light remains true. Lighter floors are a design trick to make a space appear larger. Lighter wood tones or large, light tiles are quintessential to expanding the feel of your bathroom.

To create a seamless fluidity, continue the lighter floor tiles up the front and sides of built-in baths. Another clever tip is to open up the floor space with a pedestal sink or floating vanity. This tricks the eye into believing the room is larger.

#3 Be transparent

Get rid of shower curtains and frosted glass shower doors. Clear glass shower doors open up a space, making the shower part of the entire room without breaking it up. This clean, decluttered look will dramatically enlarge your compact space, adding a contemporary dimension. River Range’s Angel built-in bath and shower set, with a clear tempered glass shower screen, is your perfect solution.

built-in baths

#4 Reflect your personality

Adding mirrors is the oldest design trick in the book when it comes to making a space seem bigger. Mirrors add dimension and can double the visual space. They bounce the light around while allowing you to add your own personality and flair with the beautiful frames available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

built-in baths

#5 Light up your life

The darker a bathroom is, the smaller it will feel. Lighting is one of the key design elements when it comes to the ambience and mood of a space. Natural light will always make your bathroom seem bigger by connecting your space to the outside. Make your window(s) a feature by removing the curtains entirely and adding blinds. A ceiling light can cast shadows making a bathroom appear smaller, so when considering light fixtures, recessed lighting, backlit mirrors, and cleverly placed wall sconces are an unobtrusive way of creating the illusion of more space.

#6 Look up

Vertical space offers the ideal solution to not only create the illusion of space, but also for additional storage. The less cluttered the surfaces are, the bigger a space will feel. Add vertical shelving to store towels and add baskets to store toiletries. The space above the toilet is often neglected – begging for shelves or a storage cupboard to hide clutter away.

River Range’s solution

River Range’s top quality range of ergonomically designed bathtubs suit various design needs. Made from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market, each bath is tough, with a beautiful high gloss finish. All River Range’s freestanding, corner and built-in baths are proudly backed by a 10-year warranty.


The stylish Angel built-in bath and shower set from River Range is the perfect space saver. Contact us to find out more about all our products or find a store near you.




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