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Acrylic Modern Bathtubs – Ticking the Boxes

modern bathtubs

The increased focus on bathroom design makes it necessary for materials to be high-quality and versatile, while offering optimal performance. Acrylic modern bathtubs have transformed from the ugly duckling into the swan and are responding to the latest bathroom trends. They have entered the interior design arena offering features and benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Modern freestanding bathtubs are timeless investment pieces – making a style statement that demands our attention. As times and technology have changed, acrylic freestanding baths have kept up to beautifully complement 21st-century living. Due to the nature of acrylic material and its manufacturing process, modern bathtubs made from this material offer variety in shape and colour, easy maintenance and design beauty. When it comes to choosing a modern bathtub – an acrylic freestanding bath will tick a lot of design boxes.

Let’s get pragmatic

From a practical point of view, acrylic baths score many points. They are an affordable, lightweight option and easy to install. From a maintenance aspect, acrylic is non-porous, easy to clean and hygienic. In fact, acrylic modern bathtubs are resistant to most cleaning products. Acrylic has received a bad rap for scratching easily over time, but any scratches are easy to repair or polish out. When it comes to making a decision, that is quite a few boxes ticked!

Let’s get touchy-feely

Acrylic is an ideal material for modern bathtubs as it is smooth, glossy and warm to the touch. There is something sumptuous about immersing yourself in a tub that embraces you with warmth as you lie back and relax. Acrylic bathtubs offer good heat retention properties allowing you to soak for longer. As winter approaches, this definitely ticks an extra box.

Let’s get sturdy

There’s a myth that acrylic baths are not strong. That myth is easy to dispel as the manufacturing process and technology ensure that acrylic modern bathtubs will be the focal point of your bathroom for years to come. The acrylic layers are crosslinked or reinforced with fibreglass, and usually, have a wooden baseboard for added rigidity. These bathtubs are tough, strong and durable.

modern bathtubs

Let’s get fashionable

There is no denying the practical benefits of acrylic make it a desirable material for modern bathtubs. Those with analytical brains are undoubtedly convinced. But what about those who desire things of beauty? Acrylic ticks this box as well! As a material for modern bathtubs, the look is sumptuous and glossy, and although white is popular, it is available in a variety of colours and perfectly complements any other bathroom materials and accessories. Due to the flexibility of acrylic, it can be moulded into different shapes, offering you much design creativity for your bathroom space.

Let’s get to River Range

River Range’s top quality bathroom ware brand was established in South Africa in 2011. Each of our cross-linked acrylic modern bathtubs is ergonomically designed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from freestanding and built-in models to corner units and bath and shower sets. All our baths are backed by a 10-year warranty. That ticks another box!.


Download our brochure to view all our acrylic modern bathtubs to tick all your boxes or find a store near you.


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