Make the Most of the Smaller Bathroom in your Home

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Creating a stellar design idea for the smaller bathroom in your home may seem daunting from the offset. Naturally, one is restricted to space and the ability to accessorise the bathroom ahead of merely installing the functional requirements. However, we encourage you to take a different view of this room. In our previous Blog, we shared some tips towards achieving radical bathroom transformation in your house. For SA homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who love a challenging project, transforming the smallest bathroom house is that ideal opportunity to let your design juices flow, get clever on storage solutions and introduce a new built-in or corner bath ‘focal point’ to the room. Before you dive into the project, check out a few tips that will help you along the way.

Give your Built-In Bath a new lease of life

Perhaps you’re living in an apartment complex, and possess a built-in bath that has clearly seen better days. Tired of scrubbing stains that just won’t go away? It sounds like the perfect time to upgrade to a sparkling new built-in bath that truly satisfies and relaxes. Built-in baths have become more sophisticated than you think – choosing the right model helps to merge the overall theme of your bathroom refurbishment. If you prefer a linear bath with defined edges, the river-inspired Indus and Tugela models from the River Range collection provide a great base theme for the smaller bathroom that enhances the flow of your space, while offering a comfortable bathing experience for the whole family.

Installing a Corner Bath to free up space

If you are trying to decide between a bath or shower in the smaller bathroom, a corner bath (with the possible addition of a shower) might just be the perfect fit that cleverly opens up more space. It’s a great solution for those who don’t have the luxury of large space but yearn for a solution that provides maximum comfort and entices them to use the area a lot more.

By combining a River Range corner bath such as the Angara or Parana models with a connecting shower head, you can turn/rejuvenate that mundane smaller bathroom of yours into quite a stylish home spa.   

River Range

River Range is a top quality acrylic bathtub brand established in South Africa in 2011. Since then our brand has grown into a comprehensive range of bathtubs distributed to various countries in Africa. River Range’s bathtubs are made of the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market, ensuring a tough yet beautiful high gloss finish, each backed by a 10-year warranty as a testament to their quality and durability. Use our Store Locator to find your nearest River Range distributor.

No matter how small your bathroom is, River Range has a modern acrylic bathtub solution that fits, and sets the tone for a refreshing bathroom makeover.


Radical Bathroom Transformation

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Summer is slowly clearing the way for Autumn’s arrival, and with it comes a transformation that creeps into all aspects of our lives. As homeowners search to mark the occasion, often a bathroom transformation can rejuvenate your living space and motivate a fresh mindset and renewed positivity. In our previous Blog, we added our practical contributions to responsible Bath Water usage in S.A. with reference to the Day Zero crisis in Cape Town and beyond. We trust you’ve transformed your water usage habits and look forward to the benefit of lower Water bills and greener gardens going forward. Perhaps it is time to reward your diligence with a radical bathroom transformation that may just promote bathing time to the most satisfying and relaxing moment of the day.

Transform your Bathtub into the Centerpiece of your Space.

If you reminisce with your grandparents’ generation, they will remind you the cold freestanding tub in the middle of a gloomy bathroom was a far cry from luxury. This area of bathroom design has come full circle and is trending more than ever. Freestanding bathtubs are associated with tranquility, luxury, and serenity. Style and shape have morphed into bold and daring expressions by modern designers. Clear illustrations are evident in the Rio Grande and Rhine Slipper models from River Range’s Freestanding Bath range, incorporating a distinctive round slipper shape complete with thin edges. In addition to the stylish transformation, the choice of material, acrylic, ensures that your bathtub enjoys exceptionally heat retention, doesn’t scratch easily, is relatively lightweight and spotlessly maintained with little more than warm water and mild soap.

Revitalize that Corner Space!

Corners are undoubtedly the most under-utilized spaces in most modern bathrooms. When square meters are at a premium, many homeowners cannot equate the functionality, let alone the luxurious transformation, of investing time and resources into transforming this space. Truth be known, it is a lot easier than you think. Corner showers, sinks and vanity shelves regularly spring up in urban bathroom makeovers. With a natural right angle at your disposal, we believe a built-in corner bath is a seamless solution, which can turn your mundane bath space into a spa-like enclave. Citing examples such as River Range’s Euphrates and Parana models – freedom is allowed to play with shape while adding luxury, spaciousness and a whole lot more fun to your new favorite corner of the home.

River Range

River Range bathtubs are a classic range of quality bathtubs manufactured from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market. Available as Freestanding, Center, End and Corner built-in structure, each collection from the River Range series aims to strike a healthy balance between luxury and functionality. By now we all have a general idea of how much effort goes into a radical bathroom transformation. Allow your creative juices to flow, and enjoy the process. Browse our current Brochure today, while keeping up to date with product launches on our Facebook page.

Grey-Water Tips For Responsible Bath Water Usage In South Africa

As Day Zero looms on the horizon in Cape Town, we are often reminded of our individual responsibility to cut our bathwater usage in the continuing onslaught of one of the driest seasons ever recorded in SA. In our previous article, we touched on methods for maintaining your acrylic bathtub. Within our Blog, we aim to add our voice to issues that expand beyond luxury bathtubs promoting responsible bathwater usage. At River Range, we receive a lot of feedback and tips regarding water consumption. In this article, we offer a few suggestions on how to best utilize the remaining bath water in your tub (known as grey-water) after each use. While Day Zero has gladly been pushed back to 9th July at the time of writing (Source: EWN), each one of us can play a part in ensuring that, through sensible bathwater re-usage, we may never have to face that ominous day when the taps run dry!


Reuse Grey-Water for other Household Chores

Considering what we are facing, grey-water is far too precious to just throw down the drain. From now on, consider Grey-Water as ‘water you can use twice’. With bathwater providing a proportionate amount of our daily water usage, salvage what you need and consider using it to clean your floors and windows. Other uses extend to; watering household plants and handwashing clothes. Remember to use the bathwater in hygienic ways and take necessary steps to minimize any risk of contamination.


Reuse Bathwater to keep your Garden in full Bloom.

Nothing raises the ire of suburbia more than sprinklers in full flow during an extended dry season. If you, or your Grandmother, still have an old watering can that is stowed away in the garage, fill it up with your bath’s grey-water and tend to your grass and garden plants without connecting to any water mains. Not only does it promote responsible water-recycling, it may inspire your neighbors to change their habits and avoid stepping onto that ‘naughty list’ of Cape Town’s biggest water-wasters.


Share the same Bathwater amongst Family Members.

At River Range, we have specifically designed our bathtubs to ensure high heat retention. This means, your daily bath will stay warm for longer and can be enjoyed by more than one user. While it is not an ideal prospect for everyone and may involve tough decisions on who gets the ‘first dip’, it is a fantastic initiative to reduce your daily water consumption. Furthermore, the grey-water can be recycled for the household and garden chores mentioned above.


Bathwater Reusage NoNo’s

While grey-water sourced from the bathtub is relatively clean, it can contain chemicals and bacteria which may be harmful to your children and pets. There are a number of clear instances where grey-water should not be used in the household. These include;

  • Drinking (including Pets)
  • Brushing your Teeth
  • Food preparation and Handling.

Needless to say, try and reuse your warm bathwater as soon as possible. Apart from avoiding a lurking smell, it stops bacteria from multiplying and becoming a risk to your garden and home. If you have further grey-water tips, please share them, either with the Team directly, or through our Facebook Page


River Range

River Range is top quality acrylic bathtubs made for you! Using the best cross-linked acrylic available in the market, River Range ensures luxury and quality with a 10-year warranty. We proudly offer acrylic bathtubs in a range of styles, including Freestanding, Built-in, and Corner Bathtub units. River Range bathtubs’ abilities to retain bathwater heat ensure that water usage can play a larger role in water conservation, providing a luxurious and economical bathing solution in the current climate. With a proven long service life, all River Range bathtubs are backed up by a 10 Year Warranty. Browse through our Catalogue today and identify the next luxury masterpiece for your bathroom.

Maintaining your Acrylic Bathtub

A cordial Happy New Year from all of us at River Range. We trust you had a pleasant festive period and are refreshed with new bathroom ideas for 2018. In our previous blog, we offered a host of Built-in Bathroom Ideas for your Home. With acrylic emerging as an outstanding and economical material in bathroom design and DIY, we felt it necessary to answer a common question and inform customers of the simplicity in maintaining your acrylic bathtub. While simplicity is the keyword in acrylic maintenance, we favor the approach of “mild and gentle”, for effectiveness. Maintaining your acrylic bathtub is not difficult, but it should be approached in a different method to cast iron bathtubs, porcelain, and bath fixtures made from natural stone material. Read on, to find out all you need to keep your acrylic bathtub in sparkling condition.

Keep it simple with soap

When maintaining an acrylic bathtub, your first priority is to upkeep that beautiful shine you associate with your designer bathtub. The key to maintaining that gleam is gentle cleaning with little more than a sponge and some soap. Firstly, check that the soap you use is safe to use on acrylic surfaces, and doesn’t hide any potent chemicals capable of stripping any materials. We advise filling the tub with an inch or so of warm water while gently wiping along the tub’s surface with a sponge or soft cloth to eliminate any grime or residue. If mild soap doesn’t do the trick, consider a multipurpose cleaner such as Handy Andy, to dissolve tougher stains.

Scrubs and Scouring Pads are a No-No!

Taking the example of the River Range’s Congo Bathtub and the Angara Corner Bathtub, the high gloss finish ensures that gentle scratches can be polished out. Using scouring pads and abrasive materials should be avoided at all costs, as they will scratch the shine out of your bathtub and cause permanent damage to the acrylic. Remember again, ‘keep it simple’ – it applies to the technique as much as to the cleaning product used.

Eliminating Soap Scum

The ugliest and toughest part of acrylic bathtub maintenance is undoubtedly cleaning the soap scum layer that can build up over time in our bathtubs. There are many reported methods for cleaning the toughest of these grey stains. If soap doesn’t suffice, we recommend applying a paste of baking soda on the stain and wash. For tackling major ‘soap scum scenarios’, introduce vinegar as a safe acid to break down the scum.

River Range

River Range, a proud division of the DADO bath and shower line, is a market leader in South Africa for luxury bathtubs. We specialize in a range of high quality (10-year warranty) cross-linked acrylic bathtubs available in Freestanding, Center, End and Corner built-in bathtubs with shower trays. If you find yourself in any doubt about cleaning or maintaining your acrylic bathtub, contact us today for a host of advice and tips. Keep abreast of the latest acrylic bathroom trends and product news by joining our Facebook page today.

Freestanding Bathtubs – Creating your dream Acrylic Bathroom on a Budget

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Whether you have purchased your dream home, or have set your mind to that long overdue renovation, you will have inevitably been inspired by the idea of remodelling your bathroom space with acrylic freestanding bathtubs design. The best news is; not only do acrylic bathtubs give your bathroom a beautiful and luxurious facelift, they also offer style, sophistication and functionality at an affordable price, complemented with matching taps and toilets. Put simply, one can save thousands, while acquiring a natural finish aesthetic.

Innovation in bathroom design has come a long way in recent years. Designers, architects and manufacturers understand the homeowners’ desire to escape to the tranquillity of their bathing retreat, soaking away all the stresses of the outside world. However, not many of us possess the interior budget of a five-star hotel. With the emergence of acrylic freestanding bathtubs, one can completely transform the bathroom into a functional and aesthetic space at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose an Acrylic Bath

As a budget-priced option for bathroom renovations, acrylic bathrooms offer a host of advantages. Here are our Top 3 Benefits of choosing acrylic as your freestanding bathtubs material of preference.

Minimal Stains

For everyday use, prospective buyers of bathtubs, taps and toilets will be encouraged to know that acrylic surfaces are generally stain resistant. They can easily maintain their beautiful glass-like finish over a lifespan of 30 years plus, with regular care and maintenance.  

Retains Heat

As a lightweight solution, acrylic tubs perform surprisingly well at retaining heat. Its thermal qualities allow warm water to maintain its warmth without a quick loss of heat through the acrylic and fibreglass walls and base.

Acrylic will sustain its colour through the product’s lifespan

Something you might not know about acrylic is that the colouring process takes place while the product is still in its raw mould state. With the absence of an outer coat of paint, the colour is evenly distributed, maintains its beautiful shine, and will not fade over time.

River Range

With a long history in manufacturing and an acute understanding of the market, River Range excels at offering the customer a superior quality product at competitive prices to serve the market more effectively. River Range offers a comprehensive range of high quality (10-year warranty) cross-linked acrylic bathtubs – available as Freestanding Bathtubs, Corner tubs and built-in bathtubs with shower trays. River Range strives to give the customer a full solution and to make the choice of choosing your designer bathroom as easy as possible, by recommending suitable taps and accessories to complement each bathtub. Browse through their selection of products here.


Built-in Baths – Ideas for your home

As summer quickly approaches, it marks the season where we build in new commitments and objectives for the year ahead.  When that attention is drawn to making our house a better home, the bathroom, often the smallest room in the house, should list high on your renovation priorities. With the latest trends in modern bathtubs bringing a heightened luxury and adding inspiration to a previously drab space, the fitting of built-in baths into your bathroom can dramatically improve home decor and aid relaxation, while never compromising on functionality.

Built-in and shaped into your environment

Contemporary built-in baths are all about adding to the natural light of the space, enriching your room with a luxurious feel, while carefully selecting the shape and positions of your bathtub and taps to give a beautiful aesthetic appeal. With acrylic materials, designers have been able to experiment with shapes to produce built-in bathtubs inspired by the wonders and customs of the world. This is particularly evident in the River Range collection of luxury centre and end drain bathtubs, aptly named after the iconic rivers of the world. Each is as individual as the geographical area they represent and are built-in with flat edges to create ample surfaces to add stylish decorating to the room. Unlike natural and stone materials, acrylic bathtubs can also be custom-made to accommodate taller and larger proportioned bodies. Nobody in the family should be left out, even those with tall genes!

Turning the Corner – and freeing up essential space

Corner’s are generally the least used space in most rooms of the house. However, when working with a small space, utilizing the corner can optimize other areas and solve many storage problems. In the same way, a built-in corner bathtub can become a fantastic option, allowing you to save space without giving up comfort. With a built-in bathroom focused on a corner bathtub, it truly allows your decorative juices to flow. More attention can be paid to stylish storage solutions. You can potentially create extra room to accommodate a shower. The possibilities are endless.

River Range – Built-in excellence

River Range bathtubs are a classic range of quality bathtubs manufactured from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market. Available as Freestanding,  Corner and built-in baths, each collection from the River Range series aims to strike a healthy balance between luxury and functionality. Durability is never compromised and backed up a 10-year warranty on all our products. Best of all, River Range is exceptionally priced to ensure any customer can realize their dream built-in baths vision, without breaking the bank. Browse our current Brochure today, to get a step ahead of those summer renovation plans!