Freestanding Bathtubs – Form and Function in Perfect Balance

Freestanding bathtubs

‘Form follows function’ is a foundational design principle – the shape (form) should be chosen based on its intended purpose (function). From a designer’s perspective, the function refers to what the product must do to be successful. From a consumer’s perspective, the product must fulfill their specific needs and wants. This is hugely significant when considering investment pieces such as freestanding bathtubs as they cannot just be beautiful objets d’art on display. They have to be practical and useful.


In designing a modern bathroom space, we all want something that will look pretty, but functionality has to be the goal. At River Range you don’t have to choose! With our freestanding bathtubs, you can have both, in perfect balance. The Jordan freestanding bath is the perfect example.


Form – the Jordan freestanding bathtub is really pretty

Freestanding bathtubsContemporary bathroom spaces tend to compromise on square meterage. That is the nature of urban living. A compact space, however, does not mean compromised design. 

The sleek lines of the rectangular-shaped Jordan bath make it a luxurious option and statement piece. 

The high gloss finish makes it the perfect modern bath that will look newer for longer.

There is no denying that the Jordan freestanding bathtub scores high on physical appearance and visual appeal. So, form is simply sorted.

Function – the Jordan freestanding bathtub is really practical

When it comes to the functionality of the Jordan bath, where do we start?


The Jordan bath is manufactured from the best cross-linked acrylic on the market. This offers you, the consumer, a huge range of functional benefits – lighter, easier to move, scratches can be easily buffed out, excellent heat retention properties, stain-resistant, easy to clean and resistant to UV light. 

These reasons alone should convince you of the Jordan bath as a pragmatic and prudent design choice.


As mentioned above – the quality of the Jordan freestanding bathtub has been established, but that does not mean it is prohibitive when it comes to the budget. Although acrylic products do not compromise on beauty and quality, they are more affordable.


All River Range’s freestanding bathtubs come with a 10-year warranty. That reassurance is a real bonus – knowing that your Jordan bath will stay beautiful in form and efficient in function for many years. 

Our acrylic freestanding bathtubs are chemically cross-linked for enhanced toughness and the high gloss colour is UV stable, so it will not fade or discolour.


The Jordan bath offers an added internal overflow safety feature, should you leave the water running with the pop-up waste closed. (Both the pop–up waste and an extendible pipe are included with the Jordan bath). The Jordan’s compact 1500mm size means that you can afford to experience the luxury of a freestanding bathtub in your smaller bathroom space.

The Jordan freestanding bathtub offers any homeowner the perfect balance of form and function.

River Range

Named after iconic rivers of the world, River Range is a top quality acrylic bathtub brand established in South Africa in 2011. Our brand has grown into a comprehensive range of built in, corner and freestanding bathtubs as well as bath and shower sets distributed to various countries in Africa.

With ergonomically designed styles in various shapes and sizes, River Range is focused on offering the best bathing experience that truly satisfies and relaxes.

To view all our bathtubs, visit our store locator to find a retailer near you or click on our product downloads for more information.


Freestanding Baths – Firm Favourites

Freestanding baths

Designers and real estate agents are all united when it comes to their enthusiasm surrounding freestanding baths. From an aesthetic perspective, professional designers love them as they enhance the design of any bathroom. From a real estate perspective, they certainly enhance the investment value of the home. Freestanding baths definitely deserve the press they are getting.

Freestanding baths have earned their credibility and on their own seem to say, ‘Look at me!’. Their appeal also lies in the different sizes and shapes and how they sit independently in a bathroom space.

In this article, we furnish you with reasons why all our freestanding tubs are firm favourites

Spoilt for choice

Freestanding baths
Rio Grande freestanding bath

Freestanding baths are the key statement pieces that stand out in any bathroom and at River Range, we offer a comprehensive collection of freestanding baths.

The River Range freestanding baths are not only strong and durable – made from the best cross-linked acrylic in the market – but speak to these style choices.

Slipper baths, with single or double raised sloping sides, are always a popular option as they allow you to recline comfortably and give extra back support. River Range’s Orange Slipper clawfoot bath has the feel of a luxurious soaking tub, allowing you to fully submerge yourself in the water.

The Rhine Slipper bathtub is River Range’s modern twist on the classic clawfoot design also allowing you to be fully submerged in the water, while the double slipper baths like the Rio Grande, have a beautiful shape with raised sides on each end, creating dual comfort in a contemporary design.

If contemporary chic is your bathroom’s design story, then the Jordan bathtub is the fitting choice. With both ends gently sloped, comfort is also maximised. As a compact bath (1500mm), the Jordan freestanding tub is suitable for smaller bathrooms and comes standard with an internal overflow, pop up waste and an extendible connector pipe. The Jordan bathtub is your affordable option for a distinctive and timeless look.

Spa-like focal points

The beauty of freestanding baths is that they can be placed anywhere and they immediately present you with an everyday spa-like experience. The simplistic straight lines of the Narmada bathtub and the dimensions of the tub allow for a deep and relaxing bathing experience. The curved shape of the Kunene bath will soften the look of a bathroom.

Freestanding baths
Kunene freestanding bath

Show off the space

Freestanding tubs give the illusion of more space as it is finished on all sides and don’t need any additional structures for installation. The openness is inviting and makes the bathroom appear bigger. River Range’s freestanding baths come in a wide range of sizes – 1500mm, 1700mm, 1800mm length, this allows almost any size bathroom to boast one of these pieces.

At 1800mm, the River Range Colorado bath has an incredibly capacious interior, while the rectangular 1700mm Ohio freestanding bathtub is ergonomically designed to provide a truly relaxing bath.


River Range

Inspired and named after iconic and regal rivers of the world, River Range bathtubs are spacious, elegant and comfortable. Our ergonomically designed baths are tough with a high gloss finish. All our baths come with a 10-year warranty.  

Besides our range of freestanding baths, we also offer built-in baths and corner baths.

Click here to view all our products in a store near you or visit us at the DADO Africa showroom in Centurion or Cape Town for personalised assistance in choosing the perfect bathtub for you.

Acrylic Modern Bathtubs – Ticking the Boxes

modern bathtubs

The increased focus on bathroom design makes it necessary for materials to be high-quality and versatile, while offering optimal performance. Acrylic modern bathtubs have transformed from the ugly duckling into the swan and are responding to the latest bathroom trends. They have entered the interior design arena offering features and benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Modern freestanding bathtubs are timeless investment pieces – making a style statement that demands our attention. As times and technology have changed, acrylic freestanding baths have kept up to beautifully complement 21st-century living. Due to the nature of acrylic material and its manufacturing process, modern bathtubs made from this material offer variety in shape and colour, easy maintenance and design beauty. When it comes to choosing a modern bathtub – an acrylic freestanding bath will tick a lot of design boxes.

Let’s get pragmatic

From a practical point of view, acrylic baths score many points. They are an affordable, lightweight option and easy to install. From a maintenance aspect, acrylic is non-porous, easy to clean and hygienic. In fact, acrylic modern bathtubs are resistant to most cleaning products. Acrylic has received a bad rap for scratching easily over time, but any scratches are easy to repair or polish out. When it comes to making a decision, that is quite a few boxes ticked!

Let’s get touchy-feely

Acrylic is an ideal material for modern bathtubs as it is smooth, glossy and warm to the touch. There is something sumptuous about immersing yourself in a tub that embraces you with warmth as you lie back and relax. Acrylic bathtubs offer good heat retention properties allowing you to soak for longer. As winter approaches, this definitely ticks an extra box.

Let’s get sturdy

There’s a myth that acrylic baths are not strong. That myth is easy to dispel as the manufacturing process and technology ensure that acrylic modern bathtubs will be the focal point of your bathroom for years to come. The acrylic layers are crosslinked or reinforced with fibreglass, and usually, have a wooden baseboard for added rigidity. These bathtubs are tough, strong and durable.

modern bathtubs

Let’s get fashionable

There is no denying the practical benefits of acrylic make it a desirable material for modern bathtubs. Those with analytical brains are undoubtedly convinced. But what about those who desire things of beauty? Acrylic ticks this box as well! As a material for modern bathtubs, the look is sumptuous and glossy, and although white is popular, it is available in a variety of colours and perfectly complements any other bathroom materials and accessories. Due to the flexibility of acrylic, it can be moulded into different shapes, offering you much design creativity for your bathroom space.

Let’s get to River Range

River Range’s top quality bathroom ware brand was established in South Africa in 2011. Each of our cross-linked acrylic modern bathtubs is ergonomically designed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from freestanding and built-in models to corner units and bath and shower sets. All our baths are backed by a 10-year warranty. That ticks another box!.


Download our brochure to view all our acrylic modern bathtubs to tick all your boxes or find a store near you.


Built-in Baths – Just One Way to Create the Illusion of Space

built-in baths

Home magazines often make us dream about those large, luxurious bathrooms, which look either like a spa retreat or a hotel. The reality of limited square footage, however, should not dampen this dream of a beautiful designer bathroom. Built–in baths and shower combinations are certainly one way of saving space in a compact bathroom. But there are many other simple décor tricks and design principles that will give the illusion of space.

6 Techniques for creating an expansive feel in a compact bathroom:

#1 Paint in pastels

When it comes to the illusion of a bigger space – paint is your best friend. In addition to built-in baths, this design principle is tried and tested – light colours reflect light, magically creating more space. You are not limited in choice, as there are a myriad of trending and timeless softer hues that will radically transform a smaller bathroom.

Powder blue and grey will transport you to a French chateau, mint green will evoke natural atmospheres and cheerful yellow is playful, in both modern and traditional space.

built-in baths

Of course, classic white, with its crisp and clean aesthetic, will also ‘enlarge’ a space. White investment pieces, such as basins and built-in baths, will continue the bright airiness of light wall colours.

#2 Tread lightly

When it comes to floors – the principle of light remains true. Lighter floors are a design trick to make a space appear larger. Lighter wood tones or large, light tiles are quintessential to expanding the feel of your bathroom.

To create a seamless fluidity, continue the lighter floor tiles up the front and sides of built-in baths. Another clever tip is to open up the floor space with a pedestal sink or floating vanity. This tricks the eye into believing the room is larger.

#3 Be transparent

Get rid of shower curtains and frosted glass shower doors. Clear glass shower doors open up a space, making the shower part of the entire room without breaking it up. This clean, decluttered look will dramatically enlarge your compact space, adding a contemporary dimension. River Range’s Angel built-in bath and shower set, with a clear tempered glass shower screen, is your perfect solution.

built-in baths

#4 Reflect your personality

Adding mirrors is the oldest design trick in the book when it comes to making a space seem bigger. Mirrors add dimension and can double the visual space. They bounce the light around while allowing you to add your own personality and flair with the beautiful frames available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

built-in baths

#5 Light up your life

The darker a bathroom is, the smaller it will feel. Lighting is one of the key design elements when it comes to the ambience and mood of a space. Natural light will always make your bathroom seem bigger by connecting your space to the outside. Make your window(s) a feature by removing the curtains entirely and adding blinds. A ceiling light can cast shadows making a bathroom appear smaller, so when considering light fixtures, recessed lighting, backlit mirrors, and cleverly placed wall sconces are an unobtrusive way of creating the illusion of more space.

#6 Look up

Vertical space offers the ideal solution to not only create the illusion of space, but also for additional storage. The less cluttered the surfaces are, the bigger a space will feel. Add vertical shelving to store towels and add baskets to store toiletries. The space above the toilet is often neglected – begging for shelves or a storage cupboard to hide clutter away.

River Range’s solution

River Range’s top quality range of ergonomically designed bathtubs suit various design needs. Made from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market, each bath is tough, with a beautiful high gloss finish. All River Range’s freestanding, corner and built-in baths are proudly backed by a 10-year warranty.


The stylish Angel built-in bath and shower set from River Range is the perfect space saver. Contact us to find out more about all our products or find a store near you.




Why a Bath/Shower Combination is the Best of Both Worlds

Bath/shower combination

‘You can’t have your cake and eat it.’ Well actually, in this instance you can – if you are talking about both a bathtub and a shower while saving space in your small bathroom. In the world of bathroom design, the bath/shower combination is a win-win solution. Do you prefer a bath while your partner prefers a shower? No problem, because with a two-in-one bath and shower set, nobody has to compromise.

Gone are the days of mouldy shower curtains and awkward, impractical hand shower extensions. Bath/shower combinations have stepped into the 21st century with style.  Introducing exhibit A: River Range’s Angel set duo which has entered the design arena. The sleek bath/shower combination is certainly heaven-sent and the perfect solution for your modern and contemporary space.

3 Convincing reasons why a bath and shower set is the best solution for your bathroom:

Money saver

Budget limitations are likely to be an initial deciding factor when it comes to remodelling your bathroom or designing it from scratch. A bath/shower combination is first and foremost great value for money  – making it a great money saver when it comes to the purse strings. Acrylic combos are easy to install, and product and plumbing costs are considerably lower than that of separate bath and shower installations. It is also considered to be a worthy investment in homes with only one family bathroom where it will reap further financial benefits when the time comes to sell your home.

Space saver

Let’s not overlook the obvious. Space saving considerations are key and rate high on design priorities. The world has certainly grown smaller and so have interior spaces. Bathrooms are often the first area where architects borrow square meterage. Most modern homes and city apartments offer limited space, but that is no reason to despair if your bathroom space is too small for a separate bath and shower.

The bath/shower combination is the innovative design solution for functionality, practicality and efficiency, and now comes with many contemporary and customized options. It is not only the ideal option for smaller spaces and guest bathrooms, but has become a desirable inclusion in guest houses, bed and breakfasts and lodges.

Bath/shower combination                                        River Range’s exciting Angel bath and shower set.  

Relationship saver

We are not kidding! The bath/shower combination could actually save your relationship! She loves a bath. He loves a shower. So who gets the final say when you are planning a bathroom remodel? You no longer need to flip a coin. The bath/shower combination is the ultimate peace-maker. And at the end of the day, you are upping your home’s resale value and everyone is happy (Even the kids).

Whether you enjoy a long relaxing soak in a bathtub in the evening or a comfortable invigorating shower in the morning, the integration of the bath/shower combination will satisfy both preferences, providing the best of both worlds.

River Range

With a range of ergonomically-designed built-in, corner and freestanding bathtubs, River Range’s quality cross-linked acrylic bathtubs offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of design needs. The Angel bath and shower set is our newest addition and will radically change your perception of bath/shower combinations.Read more about the Angel set in our recent blog.

To be further inspired by River Range’s ultimate and luxurious bathtub options, view our entire product range of built-in, freestanding and corner bathtubs.


River Range Angel Set – The ultimate solution for the perfect bath and shower experience.

bath and shower

The bath and shower combo has become a popular and desirable option when it comes to the bathing experience for a home. These versatile units make the most of space constraints by offering all the benefits of both a bathtub and a shower in a compact footprint.

River Range is proud to introduce the innovative Angel bath and shower set which provides greater flexibility for you and your family and gives the most functionality in a limited bathroom space.

The River Range Angel bath and shower set has been specifically engineered to be a complete, ready-to-install bathtub and shower combo that includes:

  • Angel gloss white acrylic bathtub, at 1700 x 750 x 450mm in size and made from the best crosslinked acrylic in the market backed by a 10-year quality warranty,
  • Shower screen made from tempered glass 1400 x 800mm.
  • Chrome plated brass shower arm, rose, diverter mixer and spout.

Ergonomically perfected

The inner curves of the Angel bathtub are designed to provide an upright backrest; a functional design unique to this model. This exceptional feature allows you to comfortably stand closer to the edge of the bathtub right under the extended arm and wide shower rose, for a fully immersive shower experience. This design also increases the space inside the Angel bathtub, giving your young ones plenty of room to play and splash about at bath time with enough room to bathe 2 children at once.

Angelic hygiene

The edge of the Angel bathtub has a 15mm pooling guard, an outer rim that encourages excess water to run off the edge and into the bathtub. This hygienic characteristic prevents water from pooling in the alcove between the bathtub and the wall, thus reducing the occurrence of mildew and mould in your bathing space.

Spatial and budget flexibility

The Angel bath and shower set features a symmetrical bathtub and interchangeable shower screen. These allow you to install the set on either the left or right-hand corner of your bathroom, depending on what best suits your bathroom layout. Additionally, the Angel set is a space-saving combination unit that allows you to have both a bathtub and a shower in your bathroom without using too much of the precious real estate in a compact bathroom.

This flexible, comprehensive multi-set is also built to suit your budget, at the affordable recommended retail price of only R9 200.

This must-have set is available from your nearest DADO Africa approved sanitary ware retailer. Each of the items in the Angel bath and shower set are also available to purchase separately.

Sleek and modern design

The Angel bathtub is especially designed with sleek thin edges, giving it an exquisite contemporary look. To achieve a sleek design, the pipes connecting the shower head, bath spout and diverter mixer are concealed behind the wall; and the tempered glass shower screen is frameless for a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The Angel set is the perfect modern centrepiece to bring a touch of affordable luxury to a modern family home in the city or a boutique hotel.


Visit us at the DADO Africa showrooms in Centurion or Cape Town to view the River Range Angel bathtub and shower set, you can also find us at www.riverrange.co.za or contact us directly on 012 803 9431 and support@dadoafrica.co.za.


Freestanding Baths – Timeless Victorian Romance

Freestanding Baths

How do you design a traditional and romantic bathroom space in a modern age? The answer is simple – roll top and clawfoot freestanding baths. They are versatile statement pieces that have stood the test of time since the mid-18th century and are once again making a resurgence in bathroom design in the 21st century.

The Victorian era is renowned for being a bygone era of classic and timeless romance. The one feature that highlighted this more than any other is the visual and aesthetic statement of the roll top and slipper freestanding baths with decorative claw feet.

River Range’s collection of freestanding baths proudly boasts two roll top, clawfoot baths – the Gila and the Orange Slipper – adding beautiful luxury and graceful elegance to your bathing space. Both bathtubs can be tailored and styled to suit a traditional or contemporary bathroom.

Beautiful luxury

Freestanding BathsWho needs the dashing Mr. Darcy when you can be swept off your feet by the Gila freestanding bath with a choice of black, white or silver decorative feet? The acrylic high gloss finish and roll top edge augment the  aura of romance that is naturally invoked by such a pretty bath.  


As a the term freestanding suggests, this bath is beautifully finished on all sides, and can be shown off, in all its splendour, in any position in your bathroom space.

Named after the river which winds its way through the desert regions of Arizona and New Mexico, the Gila bathtub adds a sense of grace and poise to your bathroom. It lures you into a romantic and leisurely soak.

Graceful Elegance

Freestanding BathsFor an ultra-romantic and elegant statement, the Orange Slipper freestanding bath with claw feet beckons. It will naturally become the decorative centrepiece of any bathroom space that desires a classical serving to soften up the contemporary style.

Slipper baths are not only a popular design choice for their visual appeal, but also offer the ultimate experience in comfort and style.

The slipper bath’s timeless features beautifully complement any modern space. Perched on ornate claw feet in your choice of silver, black or white, the Orange Slipper bathtub curves up on one end like a Victorian satin slipper. Relaxation is the keyword when it comes to slipper freestanding baths, allowing you to rest your head and linger for longer. As you lie back, your mind can be transported to Downton Abbey style manor houses, complete with crackling fireplaces and ladies-in-waiting.

Named after South Africa’s longest river, the distinctive shape of the Orange Slipper freestanding bath will draw the eye and be a classic and timeless addition to your personal sanctuary.

River Range’s style and quality

Named after the iconic rivers of the world, River Range’s top-quality acrylic bathtub brand has grown into a comprehensive range of baths and distributed to various countries in Africa. Our ergonomically designed bathtubs offer intimate bathing experiences, focusing on relaxation,  comfort and affordable luxury. All of River Range’s built-in, corner and freestanding baths are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Visit us online to view all our baths that will add style to any traditional or contemporary bathroom.


Freestanding Baths – The Shape of Peace and Serenity

Modern times have reshaped the bathroom into a personal sanctuary and a place of wellness – a space that is devoted to relaxation and pampering.

River Range offers this luxury with our range of freestanding baths, inspired by iconic rivers of the world. All our bathtubs prioritise spaciousness, elegance and comfort, so you can have a place to revitalise your body and mind as if you were at a river retreat.

Rivers have always symbolised life and inspired wonder. They are the point of attraction around which settlements and cultures originated, and a place to be re-energised. This has been the overarching vision behind River Range’s bath creations – with each model named after a regal river of the world. To read more about our wide range of River Range bathtubs and their inspiration, visit our blog.

Freestanding baths come in all shapes and sizes – round, oval, square and rectangle – each with its own design charm, character and functionality. Lets begin with the rectangular shaped bathtub. This is the the most traditional and common shape for bathtubs as it offers adaptability to virtually any bathroom layout with numerous installation options.


River Range’s Jordan Freestanding Bath

Modern bathtubsThe perfect lines and shape of the Jordan make it the quintessential bathtub. This is a design choice that will add simple and understated elegance to your modern bathroom space.

This beauty was named after the historically important Middle Eastern river, the Jordan, which has religious significance and has inspired spiritual and cultural hymns and songs over the years.

This winding and sacred river has garnered much affection and been revered by pilgrims across the world.  The Greeks, named it the “Aulon” and the Arabs referred to the river as “Al-Shari-ah,” which means “water place.” It has also symbolised transition, hope and promise and that is exactly the experience you can expect when you relax in the Jordan freestanding bath.


River Range’s Narmada Freestanding Bath

River Ranges Narmada Freestanding BathtubThe Narmada bathtub is a magnificent, freestanding bath with a rectangular shape that gently drifts outwards towards the top. Featuring sleek, simple lines, the Narmada will bring a striking presence into any modern bathroom.

The Narmada River – the namesake of this stunning bathtub – emerges from central India.

This river is considered to be the most sacred of all the rivers in India and holds a rich,cultural significance across the entire country. Locals have many legendary tales and ancient manuscripts signifying the importance of the Narmada river.

One particular story tells of how looking into the river, alone, can rid a person of all his bad karma. According to the locals, when the River Ganga, a trans-boundary river feels polluted, she comes in the form of a black cow to have a purifying bath in the Narmada River.

As you soak in River Range’s Narmada freestanding bath, that all-encompassing sense of purification, refreshment and serenity can be yours too.


River Range

All of River Range’s freestanding baths are manufactured  from the best cross-linked acrylic in the market, making them high-quality, chemically stable and 17 times stronger than glass. Their easy-to-clean high-gloss finish ensures that they look sparkling new for longer. Our freestanding baths, alongside our built-in and corner baths, are backed by a 10-year warranty.

To view all our River Range bathtubs, visit us online or find a store near you today.


Modern Bathtubs Influenced by Rivers of the World

Modern bathtubs

The Inspiration behind River Range’s Modern Bathtubs

Rivers have the magical power to inspire the words of poets, to be an author’s muse, to prompt the titles of movies and to capture the view of a photographer or artist. For the rest of us, rivers conjure up happy childhood memories of camping in the outdoors, fly fishing or river rafting as adults. They stir our souls.

Ever wonder how River Range got its name? The company has reverently honoured the mystery and significance of rivers by naming its range of modern bathtubs after iconic global rivers. The wonder and awe encompassed by a river as the wellspring of life, is the inspiration behind River Range’s freestanding, built-in and corner baths – a place to re-energise and reinvigorate.

Whatever your experience or connection with rivers of the world may be, the American poet, Langston Hughes,’ captures the simplicity of the power of rivers and their ancient stories in his legendary poem. The repetition of the line, ‘I’ve known rivers,’ speaks to the history of his forefathers bathing in the Euphrates, building homes near the Congo, raising pyramids by the Nile and watching the sun setting over the singing Mississippi.

River Range has sought to bring this energy and story into each design – ensuring a relaxing and refreshing bathing experience.

The evolution of the bathroom from a purely functional room to a rejuvenating retreat and spa-like space, is embodied in each of River Range’s modern bathtubs. We have taken our cue from the dynamic energy of a river’s flowing water and its life-sustaining and calming properties.

As you slip into any of River Range’s ergonomically designed and cross-linked acrylic bathtubs, you will feel connected to the tranquil experience of watching a river meander through mountains, valleys or forests. As the water enfolds you, may the dynamic message of the rivers of the world whisper their magic. The longevity and durability of our modern bathtubs honours the timelessness of a river’s course and a high-gloss finish mirrors the glistening shimmer of the sun reflecting off a river’s surface.

Even if you are not able to enjoy a regular walk along a riverbank to bring a sense of calm to your busy life, you are able to take a daily bath in one of River Range’s beautiful modern bathtubs – each one influenced by the wonder of nature’s purest resource.

From the Narmada, India’s holiest river, and Alaska’s expansive Yukon River, to the Tugela River which has its source in the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, each has its own unique characteristics. So, too, do each of our modern bathtubs. Differing in design and style, each River Range bath design celebrates the diversity of personal taste and preference. Whether you favour a freestanding, built-in or corner bath, at River Range you are spoilt for choice when it comes to bringing tranquility into your bathroom space.

Established in South Africa in 2011, River Range is a top-quality acrylic bathtub brand. Since then, our brand has grown into a comprehensive range of bathtubs distributed to various countries throughout Africa. River Range is focused on offering a premium and affordable bathing experience that truly satisfies and relaxes.

To travel the world’s rivers and be inspired by how their journey has been translated into our unique bathtubs, please download a brochure today

Built-In Bathtubs – Beyond Mere Functionality

built-in bathtubs

Contemporary built-in bathtubs are making a welcome style-statement in the master and family bathroom – offering comfort and luxury. They have come into their own and transcended mere functionality to become a beautiful feature in your private sanctuary.

When it comes to inspiration for your bathroom, whether you are exploring a showroom or browsing through a design catalogue, a bathtub will always be the main element and starting point for any bathroom scheme.

Spoilt for Choice with River Range’s Built-in Bathtubs

Whatever your style – be it modern, contemporary, classic, traditional, vintage or edgy – River Range’s built-in bath range will appeal to homeowners of all shapes and sizes. From the spaciously designed Amazon, to the Congo, with its rounded sophistication and curvy lines, right through to the gently sloped back Mississippi, a luxurious and relaxing bath time experience awaits.  

Seamlessly fitting into small apartments, right up to grand mansions, our ergonomically designed cross-linked acrylic built-in baths offer the homeowner a tantalizing blend of quality, versatility and style. With an endless range of creative options for the exterior – from marble and wood to mosaics and tiles – your built-in bath will be a beautiful and personalised focal point, adding colour and texture to the space. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is sit back, soak and relax.

Beyond the Beauty to the Benefits of Built-in Bathtubs

  • Spatial considerations: Built-in baths offer wonderful flexibility when it comes to efficient use of space in bathrooms of any size. They come in all lengths and depths. To maximise space in smaller bathrooms, built-in bathtubs offer the dual purpose of a classic shower/tub combination. They also take up less floor space than freestanding baths and offer nifty storage for bath time essentials with their built-in ledges.
  • Safety considerations: From a safety point of view, built-in baths are a practical choice for families with small babies and toddlers as well as for the elderly. They are more sturdy and are generally easier to get into and out of. For the safety conscious, these bath installations are a wise and pragmatic design choice.
  • Budget considerations: In terms of pricing, built-in baths tend to be more budget friendly as they only have one finished side. This then affords you the creative space to go to town on cladding finishes and other bathroom designs elements, creating a truly personalised bathroom space. 
  • Cleaning considerations: Built-in baths win hands down in the maintenance department. It is much easier to clean around a built-in bath than the entire surface of a freestanding bath. With less scrubbing and more pampering, it affords you maximum time to soak and relax in a candlelit bubble bath. View our guide to efficient Installation and care for acrylic baths.
  • Style considerations: River Range is confident that our bathtubs will leave you spoilt for choice. From sleek and curvy to graceful, there is a style that is just right for you. Have a look at our latest newcomer, the Yukon built-in bath, which we featured in a recent blog. For further design impact, the addition of bathtub mixers and accessories create bespoke statement pieces that will definitely enhance your built-in bathtub. The Ingot range of bathroom accessories beautifully complements any River Range bathtub.

River Range

River Range’s bathtubs are made from the best cross-linked acrylic available on the market, ensuring a tough yet beautiful high gloss finish. With ergonomically designed styles in various shapes and sizes, we aim to provide options to suit a wide variety of needs. Quality is of utmost importance to us with our baths being backed by a 10-year warranty.

Please download our River Range brochure or visit one of our stores to make an informed and exciting design choice.